Why Do Teens Do Drugs?




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Most parents, teachers, and even teens wonder why teens do drugs. Teens do drugs for various reasons. Peer pressure, stress, the people around them, ect. But do all these teens know the effect it will have on them and their bodies?

               One reason teens do drugs is because of peer pressure. Although at times we may think peer pressure isn’t going on, it still is. Teenagers every day get pressured to do things they don’t want to do. When it comes to drugs, teens get pressured mostly by their friends. Most of the col people are doing drugs these days. And most teenagers in high school and even middle school want to be a part of the cool crowd. And many teens will do whatever it takes to get there. If they start hanging around the cool crowd, they will start to get pressured to do drugs. And since they will do anything to be cool, they will start doing drugs.

               Another reason teenager do drugs is because of stress. Teens go through so much these days. Some have issues at home with their parents, and financial issues. Stress at school, with their friends, teachers, and the schoolwork. And so much more that may be going on in their lives. So they feel like a way to escape all these problems is to do drugs. Drugs makes you feel like you’re in a higher place, and it makes your problems go away temporarily. And to get away from everything in their lives, teens look to drugs for the answer and the way out.

               Lastly teens do drugs because of the people around them. The people around them influence them to do drugs. If all of your friends are doing drugs, you’re most likely going to do them also. When you go to hang out with your friends, and their doing all these drugs, and you see how happy they look, you’re going to want to do it too. Everyone wants to be happy, and so we’ll do what it takes to be happy.

               Teenagers do drugs for all of these reasons. But they most likely don’t know the effect it’s going to have on their bodies. Although drugs makes you feel like all of your problems are erased, at the end of the day, your problems are still there. You’re stress is still going to be there. By doing drugs you’re just making it harder on yourself to overcome these things. If you keep doing drugs to escape what you’re going through, you’ll never learn or grow. And the problem will never be fixed. So at the end of the day, your problems are just going to pile up because you’re not taking care of them. So get up, put the drugs down, and get to work on fixing your problems and your life.     


Teen drugs Survey

 I did a three question survey on 50 different teenagers about drugs, they either answered yes no or maybe/sometimes. Here are the results:

Do you do drugs? 20% of people said yes. 66% said no. and 14% of the teens said they’ve only did it once.

Do you think people who do drugs are attractive? 14% of the teens said yes. 50% of the people said no. and 64% of the teens said sometimes.

Should it be legal for teens to do drugs?

16% of the teens said yes. 64% of the teens said no. and 20% of the teens said they don’t care.

From my results of this survey i can conclude that most of the teens i interviewed does not do drugs, they don’t think its attractive and they don’t think it should be legal for teens should do drugs.





Teen Drugs Intro

Why do teenagers use drugs? Why do they go through all the work to get drugs? Why do adults use drugs? If adults didn’t use drugs, would teens? Do teens know the consequences of using drugs?

               The first question I’m going to answer is why do teens use drugs or do drugs. I think teens use drugs because many of the teens are depressed and they want a way of escape from their problems. Drugs can make you forget about all your problems and you can temporarily escape them. But are you really escaping them? No, you’re not. When the drug wares off, you’re still going to be in that same situation you were in before. And not only that, but you’re most liking going to get in trouble with the law. And on top of that you’re ruining your body.

               Another reason teens use drugs is because their parents or family members use them. They see their parents always doing drugs and they wonder what it’s like. What it’s like. Parents many times don’t know that what they do for themselves has a huge effect on their children. Parents are many times hypocrites, and they say one thing but do another. Don’t do drugs in your kids face then tell them not to do it. Evidently if you’re doing it they’re going to think it must not be so bad.

               One last reason teenagers do drugs is because of their peers and the people in school. Many teens these days get pressured into doing drugs. They may try to say no, but if they keep hanging around those friends they could still end up doing it. Or if all their friends are telling them they aren’t going to be cool if they don’t then they might do it also. Some teenagers only care about popularity and being cool. They’ll do whatever it takes to be cool and popular. Even if that means they’re doing illegal things, or they’re disobeying they’re parents, and even if they’re letting themselves down. When people do drugs they don’t think of the long term consequences. They just think of that moment.

               Before you do drugs, think of how it will affect YOU!